PDHR 15E Standard Lad 24H K 61Z Super Lad 15E
Fall 2008 EPDs
BW 97
205 WT 668
CED -1.2
BW 4.7
WW 51
YW 98
M&G 43
MCE -0.7
SC 1.0
FAT -0.033
REA 0.66
IMF 0.44
DOB 3-9-95
SR Rapture 342 PDHR MS 3X Stan Lass 7B
  SR Franci 671 HH Advance 872X
    SR Addy 452
  FA Britisher 126G DA Britisher 44D
SR Shana 268 Northfork Star CHGR 16C
  SR Shina 883 RVH Silver 50B 26E
    EE MS 4920 6060

Conquer has been used naturally as a clean up sire and is proving himself and moving up in the ranks. He adds an extra rib to his calves putting on a very clean front that the show ring is looking for, and adds volume and middle to his females. Conquer’s EPD profile would be hard to beat – his carcass numbers put him in the top 1% of the breed.

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